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70+ Galaxy Note 7’s have exploded in the US alone

Two weeks ago, Samsung announced that it would recall all 2.5 million units of the Galaxy Note 7 after it found that a defective battery was to blame for 35 devices exploding while on charge globally.

However, the Canadian government has now teamed up with Samsung to reveal that more than 70 Galaxy Note 7’s have caught fire in the US alone. That’s almost double the amount of worldwide incidents that were previously reported.

Health Canada, the region’s consumer safety agency, is using this statistic to encourage all Galaxy Note 7 owners in Canada to take advantage of Samsung’s newly-implemented exchange program as the threat of a handset bursting into flames is real and should be taken seriously.

If you live in Canada and own a Galaxy Note 7, we strongly advise that you participate in the recall. Thankfully, doing so couldn’t be easier. All you have to do is head over to this website and fill in your details.

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Published September 13, 2016 — 10:23 UTC

Samsung Electronics Canada Inc. recalls Samsung Note7 smartphone on Healthy Canadians