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Dyson made a $600 air purifier with a heater inside (yes, really)


If you’ve ever wished there was a $600 air purifier/heater you could buy, Dyson has you covered.

The new Pure Hot+Cool Link (quite a name) combines everything we like about the Pure Cool Link air purifier, but adds a heating and cooling element to help you control the temperature in a room.

Dyson’s new purifier uses the same 360-degree glass HEPA filter as the original, which it says can capture about 99.7 percent of all the scary things you don’t want to know are in the air.


The heating and cooling comes via two jets that are “accelerated over an airfoil shaped ramp to produce a focused flow of air.” For personal use, one jet activates; should you need to heat or cool a larger space, the second jet kicks in.

It uses the same Link app as the original Pure Cool Link.

It’s hard to argue Dyson stuff isn’t cool — but it’s equally hard to argue that you should spend $600 on this one. If you’re interested, it’ll be available September 6 via Dyson’s website, or in stores starting September 18.

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Published August 23, 2016 — 13:00 UTC