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You can now control your Sonos without unlocking your iPhone


Sonos makes controlling your music across your home extremely convenient, but having to open up an iOS app everytime you want to adjust something can be a pain. Fret no more: you can now control playback and view current tracks right from you iPhone or iPad’s lock screen.

This functionality was already available on Android, so it’s nice to see iOS catching up. There are a few other updates meant to appease iOS owners too though:

  • Rhapsoday and Napster now streams at a higher bitrate
  • You can use 3D touch to jump straight to your music from the home screen
  • You can run Sonos using Split Screen and Slide Over (useful for making playlists while reading r recommendations)
  • Sonos’ awesome TruePlay technology to tune your speakers to their environment is now easier to set up (though Sonos doesn’t specify quite how)

You can download the updated Sonos app from the iOS App Store now.


Published June 21, 2016 — 23:59 UTC