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This smart ring will help save lives


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A smart ring that saves lives? Tell us more!

Nimb is the crowdsourcing security system where people come forward to help those who are in trouble. In the heart of the system there’s a personal wearable device, a ring with a panic button to send an alert to friends and family, police and private security services, people nearby or other contacts, pre-selected in the app.

Nimb is the only safety device that allows one to alert people who care and authorities of the emergency — with a touch of a thumb. The ring becomes a real life savior in situations when making a call is not possible. If something or someone holds user’s hands, sending an alert is still feasible: it takes only three seconds and can be done in complete discretion.

We believe that society is ready to provide its members with peer-to-peer help in extreme situations. We have a lot of faith in official law enforcement institutions and aim to add value and quality to their services by including horizontal initiatives of those, who want and are able to help others. We see Nimb as a movement towards safer environments, where people combine efforts to help someone in trouble, whether they are authorised officials, close ones, sympathetic neighbors or just passerbys.


Why Kickstarter?

We ran a pre-launch campaign on Facebook and received unprecedented feedback from interested people who are ready to order Nimb. With such a demand in place, crowdfunding is the logical move. We believe Kickstarter is the right fit for the project with its solid reputation among backers and diverse promotion tools.

Are you planning on creating more products like this smart ring?

Yes, but new devices is not our main focus. We aim to build peer-2-peer security system where people come forward to help those in trouble. We believe that society is ready to protect its members — and we give it a perfect tool to form active communities, which involve people to creating safer environments.

In the future Nimb will become a complex security system, offering new safety solutions for home, office, automobiles and businesses. We will work to achieve deep integration with existing institutions — police, health care and other emergency organizations.

Licensing the access to our system for independent wearable producers in another direction for our development. By the end of 2017 we’ll prepare a new version of the ring with new design, and expand our market beyond the US, entering Latin America, Asia and Europe. Safety bracelets and trinkets come in early 2018.

When will the crowdfunding campaign start and where can we find more info?

The campaign starts on 21st of June and will last for 30 days. For more info please check out

Awesome. Best of luck with the campaign!

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Published June 14, 2016 — 14:39 UTC