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SodaStream goes after thirsty Keurig Kold customers with free machine replacements

sodastream keurig

Last Fall, Keurig announced that it was getting into the soda-making machine business – but that product was short-lived after criticisms that it was too expensive, forcing the company to cancel the whole line this month.

And now, SodaStream, the company Keurig had attempted to compete with, wants to sweep up the remaining customers.

In a press release, the company says it will replace a Keurig Kold for a SodaStream for affected customers with just a selfie of them and the obsolete machine. Once the team gets the photo, customers will receive a coupon code to redeem a SodaStream Fountain Jet machine (fine line: customers still have to pay shipping and handling.)

A SodaStream carbonator costs $35 ($15 per replacement if you return the canister) and makes up to 60 one-liter bottles. The Keurig Kold didn’t require a carbonator, but each drink pod ranged between $0.99 to $1.29.

The good thing about this giveaway is you don’t actually have to post your selfie on the internet looking thirstier than ever – SodaStream only wants the photo with your shipping address and the Kold’s serial number sent to a dedicated email for redemption. And you better hurry: only 2,000 machines will be given out.

Bless you, SodaStream. How else will the middle class consume their recommended daily intake of H2O?

Published June 11, 2016 — 15:03 UTC

on SodaStream via BusinessWire