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Softbank’s Pepper robot just got a job taking orders at Pizza Hut

pepper pizza hut

It’s graduation season here in the US, and the job market is busier than ever. For Softbank’s emotion-reading Pepper robot, however, landing a gig seems to have been easy as pie.

MasterCard today announced that Pepper will soon be implemented in Pizza Hut restaurants in Singapore to take orders and process payments. They do so by “greeting” Pepper and pairing a MasterPass account to Pepper’s attached tablet. Then, Pepper will take your order and allow you to customize it however you like without any side-eyeing or risk of getting spit in your food.

You can also verbally say your order instead of tapping it on a touchscreen. If you’re curious about nutrition facts, you can ask Pepper for more info on a menu item, too.

Pepper’s the latest in MasterCard’s efforts to add mobile payments to a variety of gadgets, such as fitness wearables and refrigerators. Just be sure that if Pepper happens to frustrate you, don’t kick it under any circumstances.

Published May 24, 2016 — 13:10 UTC

on BusinessWire