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Report: Google’s ‘Chirp’ assistant will be named ‘Home’ and launch this Fall


If you weren’t certain about Google’s plans to introduce an Amazon Echo competitor, a new report may help you feel a bit more sure about what’ll happen at Google I/O tomorrow.

According to The NewYork Times, Google will introduce it’s standalone connected home device at I/O, and will name it ‘Home.’ A previous report noted it was going by the codename of ‘Chirp.’

The latest report pegs Google Home as a device that “answers simple questions and carries out basic tasks.” We’re hearing again that it will debut this Fall.

Outside of the new name and pseudo-confirmation it will be released in the Fall — there’s nothing new to report. We can’t tell you if Google will have open APIs for developers, or if you’ll be able to use the familiar ‘okay, Google’ command to spark a new task or query.

But if both reports are accurate about the announcement timeframe, we’ll hear all about it tomorrow during the Keynote at I/O.

Published May 17, 2016 — 23:55 UTC

Google to Introduce Its Voice-Activated Home Device on The New York Times