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Panasonic’s new Lumix camera is made for selfies

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Panasonic has revealed its new Lumix DMC-GF8 camera, which comes packed with features specifically aimed at taking self portraits.

The 16-megapixel compact camera has interchangeable-lenses and a 3-inch touchscreen display that can be twisted 180-degrees for optimum selfie-taking.

Since the powerful lenses will show a much clearer image than your smartphone, Panasonic has included a ‘Beauty Retouch’ mode, which allows you to soften your skin and slim your face, as well as choosing the color of your foundation, lips, cheeks, eyeshadow and so forth.


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To avoid awkwardly having to hold the camera for selfies, there are two built-in self-trigger modes, one called ‘Face Shutter,’ which will shoot when you wave a hand in front of the camera, and ‘Buddy Shutter,’ which will shoot when two faces are detected.

It’s also possible to switch between the right and left shutter buttons so you can use either hand when you’re taking a self portrait.

The GF8 goes beyond selfies as well – it comes with Panasonic’s Light Speed Autofocus and can record video in 1080p HD in AVCHD or MP4 with stereo sound. It also supports 1080/24p recording to add a cinematic style to the videos and can create time-lapse and stop motion animations.

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Like most compact cameras, the GF8 has Wi-Fi connectivity and an accompanying app. You can also use the app to control the focus, ISO, shutter speed, aperture and playback the camera’s gallery.

The camera will come in brown, silver, pink or orange and Panasonic has not yet confirmed when it will be available or how much it’s going to cost.

Beauty-centric Panasonic Lumix GF8 is all about the selfies [Digital Photography Review]

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Published February 15, 2016 — 11:44 UTC