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Omnia secure Wi-Fi router might not be the sexiest tech but it’s smashing it on Indiegogo

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Your wireless router is one of the most energy-hungry gadgets in your home and who knows how vulnerable it is to data leaks.

Enter Turris Omnia, a powerful open-source router that’s smashing it on Indiegogo right now because it can do loads of other things while sitting idle and auto-updates when a security flaw is found.

Although it might not sound like the sexiest project in the world, you can easily turn Omnia into a backup server, or insert a SIM card into it if your connection stops working.

Omnia also has its own open-source OS built on Linux-based OpenWRT firmware, an effort backed by CZ.NIC, a Czech-state-sponsored network security research project.

The company has sailed past its $100,000 production target, which means an app controller and an extension to allow programmers to start meddling using the humble Raspberry Pi are also on the way.

If the company reaches its final $350,000 stretch goal (it’s currently past $270,000) it’ll also offer IoT support.

“Real geeks” can get the board without the case for $99 now, otherwise it’s $189 plus shipping, on an estimated retail value of $285. And the first units are expected for delivery in April 2016.

But, as always, buyer beware. We are awaiting more detail from the team about how they plan to fulfil their plans, particularly given the huge success of the campaign.

That said, if it allays your fears at all, the company has working prototypes and says it has manufacturing plans in place ready for the April delivery date.

And if you think you’ve heard that name before, you have, over at Samsung. That may mean an early rebrand for the Czech product in the not-to-distant future.

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Published November 27, 2015 — 13:38 UTC