The BlackBerry Leap is now rolling out globally for ‘young power professionals,’ seriously


The BlackBerry Leap, the company’s latest 4G LTE touchscreen device, was announced at Mobile World Congress last month. Now, it’s beginning to hit the stores.

From today, BlackBerry fans in the UK can buy the Leap online from ShopBlackBerry and from carriers. The phone will start to become available in countries including Germany, France, the US, Canada, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and India over the next few weeks.

BlackBerry is pitching the Leap, with its 720p screen, a 1.5Ghz processor, 2GB of RAM and 16GB of onboard storage, at “young power professionals.” I’m not entirely sure there’s anyone outside of the 1980s who defines themselves that way, but good luck to it anyhow.

It’s available to pre-order unlocked in BlackBerry’s online store for $275 (£199).

BlackBerry Leap

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Published April 15, 2015 — 09:45 UTC