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Luna’s smart mattress cover monitors your sleep and adjusts your Nest thermostat


If you’re not satisfied with a standard sleep tracking app, Luna’s smart mattress cover could be just what you’ve been waiting for. The smart cover monitors your sleep, controls your bed’s temperature and can hook into a range of connected devices including Nest.

Luna is machine washable and available for preorder now in queen and king size from $179. It includes sensors to measure sleep phase, breath frequency, heart rate, temperature and light along with a microphone and Wi-Fi. It also integrates with Web automation tool IFTTT to trigger custom actions.


The data collected by the mattress cover is fed to the company’s free app for iOS and Android. Over time, it learns your individual sleep patterns and habits. Dual-side temperature control means that both members of a couple can have their side of the bed set to a specific heat and the app will recommend the optimum level for good sleep.

Luna’s accelerometer tracks sleep patterns. The microphone – which could be somewhat worrying to people fearful for their privacy – is there to detect snoring. Over time, the app will offer suggestions to improve your sleep based on analysis of the data it collects.

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Using open-source hardware and software frameworks, Luna can hook up with other smart devices including speakers, lightbulbs and connected air vents to automatically get your room ready for sleep when you get into bed. The company has already partnered with Lockitron, Beep, Emberlight as well as Nest.

We’ve seen quite a few systems designed to improve and monitor your sleep but Luna’s integration with other connected devices makes it pretty intriguing. Still you’ll need to be comfortable with stuffing your bed with that many sensors and a microphone before you take the plunge.

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Published January 27, 2015 — 14:01 UTC