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Blackphone details incoming features for PrivatOS and a new privacy-focused app store


Privacy and security-focused device maker Blackphone has today detailed a number of updates due to land for its PrivatOS early next year.

Central to the changes is the concept of ‘Spaces’ – secure, self-contained areas of the device for apps, data and accounts. This allows each user to create whichever Spaces they need, such as split ‘work’ and ‘personal’ spaces, or a kid-friendly area for when the little one wants to play with your phone. A ‘Silent Space’ is included by default and and includes the company’s ‘Silent Suite’ of encrypted communications apps.


Alongside the introduction of ‘Spaces’, Blackphone also announced that a new privacy-focused app store would roll out with PrivatOS 1.1 update in January next year.

First launched in February 2014, the Blackphone BP1 is still available for sale via the company’s website, starting from $629.

Blackphone’s New PrivatOS Enhances Users’ Privacy While Granting Access To Apps [Press release]

Published December 9, 2014 — 12:16 UTC