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Meet MICA, an Intel-engineered and Yelp-powered smart bracelet targeted at women

intel mica bracelet

Take a look at some of the most fashionable wearables on the market and chances are you’ll find the Intel name somewhere on the press release. This year alone, Intel acquired smartwatch maker Basis and teamed up with Fossil Group to engineer more high tech accessories.

So it comes as no surprise that Intel’s next venture in fashion tech is MICA, a smart bracelet designed for women that can send Google, Facebook, Yelp and text notifications to your wrist – all while adorning a snakeskin strap and gemstone embellishments. You can control the notifications from the touchscreen located on the wrist-facing side of the bangle.

mica bangleThe device will also act as a “personal concierge” to help locate recommended restaurants, shops and other businesses or alert you to Google Calender events and when to leave to arrive on time. MICA only sends notifications as vibrations, not sound, to stay more discreet.

Part of this discreetness, however, comes with limited features. For example, you can search for Yelp businesses, but can’t actually request directions on a map application to get you there.

But in the name of exclusivity, you can set VIP contacts so you will only get push notifications to the bracelet from those on your preferred list. It also boasts remote-locking and location tracking in case you misplace the device.

intel mica

MICA – short for My Intelligent Communication Accessory – is Intel’s collaboration with fashion brand Opening Ceremony. It has an anticipated battery life of two days, can be recharged wirelessly with the Intel Charging Bowl announced earlier this year.

High fashion does not come cheap, however. The device is priced at $495 and comes with a two-year AT&T data package powered by Intel. MICA will be sold exclusively at Opening Ceremony shops in New York and Los Angeles, and at by early December.


Published November 17, 2014 — 19:59 UTC