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Nokia puts European Lumia 2520 sales on hold following potential electric shock risk from charger


Nokia has issued a product recall for the European and UK variant of the AC-300 charger that is supplied with each sale of a Lumia 2520 tablet, following the discovery that it could cause harm to users.

As a result of the issue, the 2520 tablet has been withdrawn from sale for the time being in some European markets (Austria, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Russia, Switzerland and UK) and the also affected “travel charger accessory” has been withdrawn from sale in the US. In the meantime, Nokia is advising that anyone who has the AC-300 charger or the travel charger accessory not to use them until further notice.


The problem potentially affects around 30,000 AC-300 chargers in those European countries and around 600 travel charger adaptors sold in the US.

➤ Nokia Announces Product Advisory for AC-300 Charger for the Lumia 2520 tablet in select European countries [Nokia]

Published April 17, 2014 — 12:42 UTC