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Nanodots recovers from potential small magnet ban in the US with new GYRO toys


When we got our hands on the small magnet toys from Nanodots in 2011, we were amazed at how fun they were. Sadly, neodymium magnets have come under threat of being banned in the US and Canada.

Nanodots went back to the drawing board and has now come up with GYRO, a new product that should let you get your magnet fix without running afoul of the law. The product packs four magnets into a transparent ball that allows the magnets rotational freedom similar to a gyroscope.

Here’s how it works:


GYRO is currently up for limited preorder before launching this December at Brookstone and ThinkGeek. A set of GYROs costs $39.95 and includes two balls, two magnetic proxies and a black wooden base.

For those of you who bought Nanodots’s small magnets before they were pulled from the market, the company is offering an exchange program where you can trade up to its larger-sized items.

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Published November 15, 2013 — 01:02 UTC