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The Hero3+ is GoPro’s smallest and lightest action camera yet


GoPro has launched its new Hero3+ line of cameras that are 20 percent smaller and lighter, and have 30 percent better battery life than previous models. The latest cameras also have an improved lens and new video capture modes, making it “the most advanced and easy-to-use GoPro, yet,” the company says.

GoPro is known for being the super-cool camera that people wear on their heads to capture pictures even while doing extreme actions such as jumping off cliffs. In line with this, GoPro has also released new mounting accessories for its Hero3+ camera.

The Hero3+ line of cameras and accessories are now available at GoPro’s sales site and at selected retailers worldwide. The Hero3+ Silver Edition retails for $389, while the Black Edition (which offers better specs) is going for $590.

GoPro’s update to its camera comes as a timely move as the imminent consumer rollout of Google Glass is likely to threaten GoPro, and fine-tuning its user experience could help greatly in defending its turf.

The GoPro App, which was launched last year to let you manage your camera’s settings from anywhere nearby, has also been updated today to add support for the Hero3+ camera.

For a look at GoPro’s Hero3+ in action (and some breathtaking scenery), check out this video:

Headline image via David Becker/Getty Images

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Published October 1, 2013 — 07:43 UTC

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