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What is your favorite non-digital gadget?

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In the past few days I’ve been asking people about their favorite non-digital gadgets. I wanted to ask some influentials about their gadgets (for another post) and didn’t want all of them coming back with their smartphones as their favorite tools, so I added the ‘non-digital’ to my request. The results are unexpectedly cool and made me realize there are many other extremely useful gadgets out there once you look beyond the obvious shiny objects.

opinelMy own favorite digital tool is my Opinel No8 pocket knife. I bought it in France and always carry it with me in my laptop bag. I chose the Ebony handle, stainless steel version that was more expensive than the basic model, but that was worth it.

It’s a simple knife and that is what I like about it. No screwdrivers or corkscrews or any fancy extra’s. Just a sharp knife that’s also a beautiful object and which I’ll proudly produce from my bag when I’m eating a steak and need a sharper knife than they gave me.

So, whats your favorite non-digital tool?

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Published September 16, 2013 — 20:44 UTC