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Product teaser of the day: Wireless, computerless and paperless?


Since I discovered Evernote and bought a Fujitsu ScanSnap scanner I’ve gone completely paperless. Every piece of paper that enters my house or office goes through the scanner first, and the shredder next. That includes mail and receipts but also the kids’ homework and even most of their drawings.

My only regret really is that I didn’t make this switch years ago.

This also means I keep a close eye on new developments in scanners and ways to digitize more stuff. And that’s why Neat, a digital document company, piqued my interest with its teaser email announcement today.

Everyone loves a good teaser, and this one is particularly smart. The device design alone feels enigmatic but with an awesome tagline and hope of a solution to a frustrating problem. And while we don’t usually write about stuff without knowing what it is, this looks intriguing:


It’s amazing what a mysterious photo and a few well-chosen words can do – making us excited about a product we know nothing about.

It might turn out to be ‘just’ another scanner, or the iPod of desktop scanners. Either way, I think people increasingly lust for products that don’t just perform, but perform very well, and look good too. We’ll have to see if this is going to live up to our expectations, but if it does, you’ve heard it here first.

I’ll keep an eye out on this and provide you with more details as soon as I know more.

What do you think this is and what would your ideal scanner look like?

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Published September 13, 2013 — 11:53 UTC