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Ricoh launches $399 Theta camera bringing fully spherical images in a single shot


MAIN CUT THETA back_right_on

Ricoh has launched a small $399 camera that can capture fully spherical pictures in a single snap, called the Theta. It’s due to go on sale from October.

To achieve the full effect, the Theta has a twin-lens folded optical system that captures around, above and below the device. Weighing just 95 grams means it’s certainly light enough to throw into your pocket or bag. It has 4GB of memory, which is around 1,200 snaps.

The device also syncs with smartphones, meaning pictures are viewable via an app (iOS only currently but Android is due before the end of the year) and ones that you choose to upload to can then be shared across the usual line up of social networks.

➤ Ricoh

Normal photo on the left, Theta image on the right.
Screenshots from the iOS app

Published September 5, 2013 — 13:31 UTC

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