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BERG’s adorable yet pricey $259 Little Printer is now shipping — just in time for the holidays


BERG has just announced that its adorable, yet pricey Little Printer is now shipping its first run, after kicking off preorders back in August.

There was quite a bit of interest when London-based design studio BERG first announced Little Printer in 2011, and now early fans will finally be able to play with the product themselves.

As we’ve said, the Little Printer is a stylish device that could best be thought of as a ‘stock ticker but for Web content’. It sits on your desk and prints out information it receives from sources you configure via a mobile app.

BERG has so far secured partnerships with The Guardian, Foursquare, Google and Lanyrd, among others. These partnerships are important, as they’re the only limit to what can be printed through the little device. Of course, the real magic will begin once more developers start exploring Little Printer’s API.

The device is certainly a novelty, but also serves an interesting purpose for those of us that are endlessly connected to a screen. Little Printer represents a way to disconnect from the digital, without being left out of its benefits. It’s a product I would wholeheartedly recommend, had it not been for its $259 USD (£199 GBP) launch price — rather steep for what is essentially a 4.25″ high thermal printer.

Hopefully that price will drop over time, but if the cost doesn’t deter you, snag a first-run Little Printer via the link below.

➤ BERG Little Printer

Published November 30, 2012 — 16:57 UTC

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