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TheKube2, the world’s smallest touch MP3 player, lands Stateside


If you’re into touching tiny things, the world just got a little bit brighter for you. TheKube2, a one-cubic-inch touchscreen MP3 player that’s dubbed the world’s smallest, has officially launched in the US.

The player, produced by Bluetree Electronics, has been a hit overseas, especially in its home country of Singapore, where it is sold at 7-11 locations. It has an aluminum body and a microSD slot and it gets six hours of continuous playback per charge. Custom skins for theKube2 have also been a popular feature of the device.

“Our goal was to create an MP3 player that not only delivered the highest quality sound within a very unique package, but a price point that made it available to all,” said Bluetree CEO and founder Sem Chong.

TheKube2 retails for $45 and is available from Amazon.

Naturally, the player will compete with Apple’s diminutive iPod Nano, which also features a touchscreen. The nano is wider and taller than theKube2, but it has less overall volume. With Apple’s price tag of $129, though, the iPod is much less of an impulse buy.

Body image via Amazon

Published August 14, 2012 — 11:03 UTC