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Olly, the Internet-connected smelly robot, is now on Kickstarter


A couple of months ago we covered Olly, a small USB-powered device that turns your online notifications, such as tweets, emails and Facebook messages into smells.

Designed by the Mint Digital Foundry, it was a great idea but wasn’t yet a commercially available product. Now Olly has taken a step closer to a place on your desk by being posted to Kickstarter. The team is looking to raise $35,000 worth of pledges in order to bring the device to market.

Each Olly device contains a small tray which you can fill with essential oils, perfume or anything else you want it to smell of. It can then be configured via a dashboard on your computer to emit the smell when notifications of your choice come through. A tweet from your wife? Get a sniff of her perfume, for example. You can use multiple Olly ‘modules’ for multiple smells.

The Kickstarter listing is live until 10 February. If you pledge $50 or more and the target amount is hit, you’ll get your very own Olly. Watch the video below for more information.

➤ Olly on Kickstarter

Published January 6, 2012 — 15:55 UTC