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Seagate’s new 4TB hard drive is the first one of its kind

Seagate announced the immediate release of the 4TB GoFlex Desk external hard drive on Wednesday, claiming the title of being the first company to market with such a high capacity drive.

The GoFlex Desk will be available for order from the company’s website at the retail price of $250 starting today and will be available at online retail stores in a month from now. The drive has been given a new design that boasts of a smaller footprint, which will become standard across the entire GoFlex line of products by the end of the month.

The GoFlex Desk hard drives ship with support for USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 and previously maxed out at 3TB. The company’s GoFlex Desk for Mac hard drive offers similar features but comes pre-formatted in the HFS+ format and includes support for FireWire 800 instead of USB 3.0. It will also be upgraded to 4TB capacity and the newer design by the end of September, although it is unclear whether support for Thunderbolt will be added.

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Published September 7, 2011 — 04:30 UTC