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This gorgeous Siara device turns any place into an Internet radio station

The Siara is a beautifully designed concept gadget that allows you to wirelessly broadcast your own Internet radio station from any place. The Siara, designed by the UK’s Navid Gornall, is used to stream your private station using the Siara box or any Internet radio compatible device like the iPhone or SONOS system.

The user can place the microphone in any area they want to tune into and the stream can then be picked up from anywhere in the world. Just push the button to start the stream and youʼre on air.

Siara was created out of a desire to appreciate silence, an increasingly rare commodity in the western world. We have become accustomed to the constant drone of undesirable noise which affects our mental and physiological processes. Everyone should appreciate silence, yet each individualʼs idea of what silence is differs. For one person, silence is a sufficiently low noise floor that allows them to hear the birds chirping in the trees in their own back garden. For another, it’s the sound of a busy road or a constant ringing in their ears (as is the case with tinnitus). Every individual should be in control of their sonic environment.
-Navid Gornall

Each Siara system is made out of solid walnut and aluminum and has a unique streaming url which is provided to the user so they can choose to keep it a secret or share it with the world.

Check out this well-crafted video to see it in action.

SIARA from Navid Gornall on Vimeo.

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Published May 13, 2011 — 17:29 UTC