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These USB Film Roll flash drives are irresistible

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As a photographer and a huge geek, these USB Film Roll’s from Photojojo look like they were designed just to be irresistable to me. They’re made out of repurposed old film rolls and stuffed with 4GB of flash memory and a USB plug.

If you’re in the photo business at all these would be a fantastic way to deliver images to clients. They would also make amazing gifts for photo nerds, hint, hint family. These flash drives are made out of old, recycled film cans, which normally get discarded.

They run $20 a pop at Photojojo, which is more than a standard flash drive, but how cool are these things? You’ll get a random can so it could be Velvia, Provia, Portra, Plus-X or any other brand of film that a lab is tossing out. Definitely on my list of gifts this year!

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Published May 9, 2011 — 20:01 UTC