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Give Your Keyboard Some Wood


We love the look of this very cool Engrain keyboard mod by Michael Roopenian that turns your Apple keyboard into a wooden masterpiece.

The keyboard was posted on Creative Bits and discovered by the guys over at TUAW. It’s not just a fancy design mod that changes the looks of the kayboard though. Roopenian says that it enhances the users connection to the keyboard by mapping users keystrokes to the wood grain pattern.

It’s a very cool and inventive Idea that looks to make the Engrain keyboard feel more natural to the user or, as Roopenian puts it, ‘better attune the keyboard to innate human sensitivities.

I don’t know if this keyboard would help me get more in touch with nature but I do know that it would look great on my desk.

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Published May 2, 2011 — 16:10 UTC