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Stunning: Amnesia Connect Fuses Microsoft Surface With Your iPhone and iPad


There aren’t many people who have both a Microsoft Surface device and an iPhone or iPad but after watching this video, a lot of people are going to wish they did.

Design company Amnesia Razorfish announced the launch of its Amnesia Connect platform, a software suite that allows real-time interaction between both Microsoft Surface and smartphone devices. Currently, the software works on iOS devices but support for Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry is in the pipeline.

Utilising a range of technologies including Wi-Fi, proximity detection, unique ID and the phone’s accelerometer, Amnesia Connect allows users to transfer content from a Surface table to their smartphone by dragging it directly to the device with a single swipe, previewing the content with an X-ray style visuals.

It can’t really be explained, it needs to be seen for yourself. Take a look at the video embedded below:

Published January 27, 2011 — 10:51 UTC