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Mozilla Calls the Future on its Concept Seabird Phone


The future is now, and I wants it.

We’ve come a long way since the first days of analogue mobile phones. And we’ve seen such rapid advancements in technology that it’s hard not to speculate what will happen next. The Mozilla Seabird Project did just that. The video you’ll see bellow is part of Mozilla Labs’ Concept Series, a crowdsourced experiment that explores how users might interact with multimedia content as devices and technology advance.

Thousands of users called for a goodbye to traditional desktops and hello to absolute connectivity, which designer Billy May, a Mozilla Labs community member turned into an “Open Web Concept Phone,” which later became known as “The Seabird.

May decided to play around with a few futuristic concepts in its new camera concept like Dual Pico projectors (45 Lumens @ 960X600), wireless charging, a built-in bluetooth headset with haptic clicking, 3D pan and zoom and an IR touchpad area, while keeping a few of our established industry standards like an 8.0 MP camera and mini USB port. The future looks pretty awesome, and also like its right around the corner.

N.B. Seabird is not a Mozilla or Mozilla Labs project but part of the Mozilla Labs Concept Series. Mozilla has not plans to produce a mobile phone.

Thanks to @hotlunchrecords for the tip!

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Published November 29, 2010 — 22:15 UTC