This photography tool helps you find the ideal lens for your camera

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Finding the right camera is already difficult enough, but pairing it with the right lens could be even more of a hassle – especially to rookies. But fortunately, this is precisely what this handy photography tool can do for you.

What The Lens is a simple web-application that lets you find the perfect lens for your camera by selecting the sort of photos you want to snap.

The way it works is pretty straightforward. The website prompts you to choose among six categories – including landscapes, macro, animals, travel, people and city – and then asks you to select 20 photos that closely align with your own photographic aspirations.

Once you’ve indicated the 20 images that best match your own style, What The Lens will immediately recommend the lens that will best suit your needs, along with a camera you can pair it with. It’ll also direct you to an online store where you can purchase the item (mostly Amazon and Adorama).

What is particularly nifty is that, those who already have bought a camera, can indicate the brand in question to filter out incompatible lenses. The options are pretty limited though.

Now go visit What The Lens here and figure out what the ideal lens for your camera is.

Just a small heads-up: Some users have noted that NSFW images might occasionally show up on the What The Lens photo selection – so you might want to be a little more discreet if you can’t wait to try out the app at home.

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