Kickstarter’s new Recommendations feature could draw in the casual crowdfunder

Kickstarter’s new Recommendations feature could draw in the casual crowdfunder

While personalized recommendations for books, music, movies, restaurants, nights out and pretty much anything else you could want are now defacto for any self-respecting content platform, it’s only just today that Kickstarter will start pointing you in the right direction of projects you might like.

The new ‘Recommendations’ feature uses an algortithm to suggest projects that people with similar tastes have also backed, and thus it thinks you’re likely to also be interested in. You can sort them by newest, most funded, popularity, most funded or ‘magic.’


While it’ll might not be as crucial for a keen crowdfunder – there’s a good chance that person is already pretty well acquainted with projects they’re likely to be interested in – it is a smart move to draw interest from the ‘average Joe,’ and therefore to grow the reach of the platform as a whole.

When the Kickstarting boom began, virtually any project of interest drew headlines – now with more than 5,000 running at any one time (5,841 exactly right now) it’s harder than ever for creators to get their projects in front of eyeballs and for backers to sort the good from the bad – unless they’re huge headline names.

It’s a simple addition, but one that’s probably more crucial for the growth of Kickstarter than it is for other types of content recommendation service.

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