Hot coffee lover? Cold brew fan? The FrankOne does both drinks at lightning speed

Hot coffee lover? Cold brew fan? The FrankOne does both drinks at lightning speed

TLDR: The space and energy-efficient FrankOne Cold Brew and Coffee Maker can produce top-notch coffee both hot or cold.

Just think about how much money the coffee-holic in your family spends on their drink of choice. Even if they only stop at Starbucks maybe once or twice a week to caffeinate up, you’re probably still talking about spending…well, maybe it’s best not to think about it, after all.

Since those premium java hits are likely putting a healthy hit on their wallet, the FrankOne Cold Brew and Coffee Maker is a holiday gift option worth checking out. Right now, TNW Deals has this innovative, super efficient brew system for under $100 with promo code “GREENMONDAY20.”

The FrankOne is perfect for coffee enthusiasts with a healthy appreciation for both a piping hot cup or a sweeter, smoother cold brew. Using its proprietary VacTec brewing technology, the FrankOne rapidly speeds up the process of extracting coffee’s natural oils, sugars and caffeine. 

After adding ground coffee and water, this one-touch brewer can turn out a premium quality hot coffee in just 30 seconds or an intense glass of cold brew in about four minutes. At less than 5 inches across and 8 inches high, the FrankOne can even sit on your desk, constantly ready to deliver another perfect blend.

The unit charges via USB from your computer or a wall charger, producing up to 200 cups of coffee with a single two-hour charge. Not that you should ever be drinking 200 cups of coffee in a sitting, of course…but it’s reassuring to know the option is always there.

At $96 with “GREENMONDAY20,” the FrankOne pays for itself after staving off just a few weeks of Starbucks runs.

Prices are subject to change.

FrankOne™ Cold Brew & Coffee Maker – $120

Get brewing for $120

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