Understand languages from around the world with uTalk for under $30

Understand languages

Our global community only continues to get smaller. As communication improves, travel distances become more manageable and international cultures interact and merge with each other, the boundaries of language are becoming one of the last big hurdles to a more connected world.

You can help better understand your world with lifetime access to uTalk’s innovative Language Education program, available right now for as low as $29.99 (a 90 percent savings) from TNW Deals.

With uTalk, you can learn real world vocabulary and syntax from a handful of widely-spoken languages from your smartphone, tablet, or other favorite device. Through training with native speakers and insightful learning games, you’ll learn words and phrases that can be applied to everyday life situations. You’ll even be able to measure your language acquisition achievements as you go.

The core bundle of uTalk learning will get you up to speed in six different languages, including American English, French, Italian, German, Spanish and Latin American Spanish for under $30. You can even expand your learning horizons to include even more languages with $49 European and Asian language bundles or an all-encompassing 22-language package for $99.

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