Be a productivity pro with this ultimate Microsoft Office certification training for just $39

Microsoft Office

It’s easy to overlook a suite of programs that predate most offices and the people who staff them. However, there’s a reason Microsoft Office is celebrating a quarter-century as the gold standard of office productivity programs: because it’s powerful and still runs like a Swiss watch.

Knowing the ins and outs of Office is still vital for almost any worker these days, so get Office-proficient with the Ultimate Microsoft Office CPD Certification Bundle. Right now, you can get this comprehensive training for just $39 from TNW Deals.

This 12-course, 29+-hour package serves it all up, walking you through basic and advanced user tricks for getting the most from the host of programs under the Office hood. You’ll get courses covering:

  • Excel for Beginners – a $166 value
  • Excel Intermediate – a $166 value
  • Excel Advanced – a $166 value
  • Word for Beginners – a $166 value
  • Word for Beginners – a $166 value
  • PowerPoint for Beginners – a $166 value
  • OneDrive – a $166 value
  • OneNote – a $166 value
  • Calendar – a $166 value
  • Visio – a $166 value
  • Access – a $166 value
  • Outlook – a $166 value

From spreadsheets to email administration, from database management to multimedia presentation, you’ll have the insight to use all the power that Office brings to bear on your most important work projects.

Once you’re finished, you’ll also have earned certification in your Office powers, verifiable proof that you’ve got the chops to use nearly a dozen Microsoft Office programs and all the tools at their disposal.

Let a potential employer know you know what it takes to produce in a 21st century office with this full package of Microsoft Office training for only $39, a nearly $2,000 savings from its regular price.

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