Learn how to build the AI-powered machines of tomorrow for just $39

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The most thrilling aspect of machine learning isn’t what we’ve taught computers to do already — spotting faces in images, interpreting our information, or even driving our cars. No, the true magic is in figuring out where AI will go in the future… and this Complete Machine Learning training bundle is key to understanding the mind-blowing opportunities that lie ahead.

Now only $39 through TNW Deals, this ten-course collection offers you over 63 hours of training on machine learning essentials. Get hands-on experience with programming languages like Python and Java (which underlie countless machine learning programs), dive into Big Data practices, understand the logic that governs how machines think and learn, and much more.

Here’s a quick rundown of all your included courses:

  • Quant Trading Using Machine Learning
  • Learn By Example: Statistics and Data Science in R
  • Learn By Example: Hadoop and MapReduce for Big Data Problems
  • Byte Size Chunks: Java Object-Oriented Programming and Design
  • An Introduction to Machine Learning and NLP in Python
  • Byte-Sized-Chunks: Twitter Sentiment Analysis (in Python)
  • Byte-Sized-Chunks: Decision Trees and Random Forests
  • An Introduction To Deep Learning and Computer Vision
  • Byte-Sized-Chunks: Recommendation Systems
  • From 0 to 1: Learn Python Programming – Easy as Pie

Spearhead the most relevant technology of tomorrow with this course bundle… usually $780, but now only $39 from TNW Deals.

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