Turn into a robotics mastermind with the 2017 Arduino Starter Kit and Course Bundle (84% off)

arduino starter kit and course

We all have visions of being a technical genius, whipping up amazing robotics and electronic innovations at the drop of a hat. Making that dream happen isn’t as farfetched as you might think, at least not if you grab the Arduino Starter Kit and Course Bundle. Right now, you can get the components and training to do it right for 84 percent off from TNW Deals.

You’ll get started with the ARDX Arduino Starter Kit, which helps you get going on small electronics projects even if you’ve never touched a data board or soldered a circuit in your life.

Even hungry students with no prior experience can jump in and take on 13 cool step-by-step projects, building control lights, buzzers, and other neat bits of tech.

To get the most out of your kit, you’ll also receive the Arduino Step by Step 2017: Getting Started course, an easy-to-follow guide on applying the lessons from your starter projects to all your grander robotics visions. Finally, you’ll also get eight e-books, each covering more of how to work with Arduino to take your instruction to the next level.

This 2017 Arduino Starter Kit and Course Bundle is a nearly $475 value, but for a limited time, you can pick one up for just $76.99 from TNW Deals.

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