Help sell your apps with AppLandr’s professional, auto-generated landing pages

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Just because you’ve built a great app doesn’t mean people are going to start buying it. To stand out in the sea of apps flooding Apple and Google’s storefronts, you’ve got to create dynamic, engaging landing pages to show why customers need it. With an AppLandr plan, you can have that impressive online calling card ready to go in a matter of minutes.

Right now, you can get AppLandr working to help sell your apps for only $59 for a lifetime subscription available now from TNW Deals.

Just input your store URL, and AppLandr does the rest — generating gorgeous, fully customizable landing pages to tout your app. Through thousands of customization options, you’ll create landing pages that fit your style while looking and functioning like the work of a top-flight web designer.

Build pages to outline your app’s features, utilize customer reviews, even add YouTube or Vimeo videos to spotlight your product. Create custom URLs or go even deeper and play with your site CSS and JavaScript… you’ll have the power to present your app any way you want with amazing ease.

Grab a lifetime subscription to AppLandr’s services for 94 percent off from TNW Deals. Or get in on one-year or three-year options (see deal page for details).

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