Lead projects to absolute success with this Lean Six Sigma training and certification

lean six sigma

Project management is universal. Any industry will include projects that need to get done — and folks tasked with making that happen. In fact, one of the most renowned project management methods is Lean Six Sigma… and right now, you can get complete training in this optimization technique and the certification to prove it.

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Over 37 hours of learning, you’ll learn the basics of the Lean Six Sigma philosophy, which focuses extensively on eliminating project waste to produce better overall results. With Six Sigma, you’ll know how to identify the delays, defects, and other stumbling blocks that can derail a project, plus master ways to avoid those pitfalls and increase your team’s efficiency.

Once you’ve worked through all the readings, quizzes, labs and other instruction aids, you’ll have achieved full Lean Six Sigma certification, which is sure to open the eyes of any employer looking to bring on a seasoned manager and problem solver.

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