We’ve slashed the price on the Lytro Illum Camera from $1,299.99 to $299.99

lytro illum

If you’ve got anyone on your holiday list jonesing for a new camera, consider getting them one that goes above and beyond  — as you’ll quickly discover with the Lytro Illum Camera and its “living picture” technology. You can get one of these trailblazing cameras right now for hundreds of dollars off the retail price — only $299.99 from TNW Deals.


What’s so special about the Lytro? Standard cameras capture light rays in the instant of your shutter click, forever frozen. But the Illum actually charts where that light ray is going, allowing the flexibility to later adjust your photos in any number of stunning ways.  

Using the Illum’s simple app, you can refocus your shot, sharpening a background element or pulling added attention to something in the foreground. You can shift the perspective of your image, change up its entire composition, or even create a 3D effect that practically bring your pictures to life.

Light field photography is the next step in the evolution of the camera — so be on the cutting edge by getting a Lytro Illum at this 76 percent off markdown from TNW Deals. Or get a Lytro bundled with a package of essential accessories for a little extra — see deal page for details.

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