Take to the skies with the slick, nimble SKEYE Hexa Drone (40% off)

SKEYE Hexa Drone

Sure, quadcopters are fun. But to distinguish yourself from other drone daredevils, go for the model with six propellers powering it through the air — the SKEYE Hexa Drone.

You can pick up this cool little aerobatic wonder right now at the discounted price of $34.99 from TNW Deals.

Take the Hexa Drone outside, flip it into the air, and the six-axis flight control system does the rest — stabilizing the craft for all the aerial maneuvers you’ll want to try. The extra propellers provide the Hexa added control and precision in the air, which is all at your command through the drone’s adjustable gyro sensitivity.

Thanks to a whopping 164 feet range, you’ll be able to carve up the sky with flips, spins, hard cuts, and all the functionality you expect from top drone models. This one runs with LED lights for night flying, as well as propeller bumpers to protect against aerial disasters. And the entire craft even fits neatly into the palm of your hand.

The SKEYE Hexa Drone comes right to your door with free shipping in the continental US, so get this offer now while it’s 40 percent off from TNW Deals.

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