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Charge into 2017 with a full head of steam by jumping headlong into one (or even all) of our incredible bundles of training. Learn coding or IT security, how to build a business, or how to create Android apps with these course packages from TNW Deals.

Best of all? You can get instruction worth thousands of dollars for a fraction of the price. Unlock a select handful of the courses in any given bundle for any price you want. Or you can beat the average paid to get all the courses — you’ll be saving a bunch either way.

Pay What You Want: Learn to code 2017 bundle

TNW deals

It’s everything you need to get a strong foundation in programming for the web. From Python and JavaScript, to Ruby and Angular 2 — this 10-course Learn to Code 2017 collection of courses will turn you into a programming pro with marketable skills in no time.

Buy now: Normally priced at almost $1,600, this A-to-Z coding package is now available for any price you want.

Pay What You Want: White hat hacker 2017 bundle

TNW deals

Make a living stopping digital criminals in their tracks with this White Hat Hacker 2017 training. These eight courses will show you the tools IT pros use to spot holes in a system’s security, stop malicious hackers, and erect top-notch firewalls to ensure your company’s digital infrastructure stays protected.

Buy now: This package of ethical hacking training, valued at nearly $1,300, is available for any price you’d like.

Pay What You Want: Start a side business bundle

TNW deals

Starting an online business means more than just printing up some business cards. This Start a Side Business course bundle will tell you how to work with wholesalers to build, store and ship inventory, how to market your business online — and even how to erect a $20,000-a-month business through Amazon.

Buy now: Get over $1,800 worth of in-depth online marketing knowledge for any price you want.

Pay What You Want: The Android expert’s coding bundle

TNW deals

Join some of the best young coders in the industry, building innovative new apps for the Android platform. These five-course Android Expert’s Coding Bundle takes you through the basics of Java programming, how to apply those skills in Android’s Marshmallow environment, and how to create simple “reskinned” apps you can sell in the Google Play Store.

Buy now: Pay any price you want for this 75+ hours of interactive training on all things Android.

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