Get the sneaky powerful Raspberry Pi 3 and all the training you’ll need – for under $120

Raspberry Pi 3

Over the four years since it first hit store shelves, the plucky, low-cost, credit card-sized Raspberry Pi has tickled the curiosity of kids and tech tinkerers alike with its under-the-radar power and versatility. You can pick up the latest version right now — plus its comprehensive Starter Kit  — for only $119 on TNW Deals.

The Raspberry Pi 3 is a veritable blank slate of possibilities. Clever programmers have used Pi as the engine behind all kinds of cool tech projects, from home media network hubs to WiFi extenders, and even controlling home operations to make printers, remotes and robots run automatically.

In addition to the Pi 3 and a pack of essential accessories, you’ll also get six intensive courses, featuring over 21 hours of training to harness your Pi’s powers and explore the reaches of your imagination. The courses:

You can pick up the Raspberry Pi 3 Starter Pack and get it shipped anywhere in the continental US for free… so get going right now and score this bundle for 55 percent off from TNW Deals.

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