Add ‘social media guru’ to your resume with the Social Media Marketing Course & Certification

Silicon Valley Social Media Marketing Course

Despite how often so many of us hit up Facebook and Instagram, it’s shocking how few people actually understand how to market products and services to customers on social media. You’ll be one of those skilled few — with the certification to prove it — once you’ve taken this Silicon Valley Social Media Marketing Course.

Your one-stop social media training bundle is available now for just $29 from TNW Deals.

With this 12-module collection, you’ll become the social media expert marketers are looking for. From Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to YouTube, Pinterest, Reddit, Tumblr and LinkedIn, you’ll know just the right way to reach people in all those varied arenas.

You’ll master a variety of marketing fundamentals: How to increase a product’s social media reach, cultivate new customers, and build your revenue through social sales. Your training will also take you inside why social media works on certain users, allowing you to better customize your campaigns over each social platform.

And with certification from the Silicon Valley Digital Marketing Institute, you’ll be able to show your mastery and lock down a big-ticket salary as a social media marketer with a major company.

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