Master the programming language that powers all web browsers with the Essential JavaScript Coding Bundle

JavaScript Coding

In the world of programming, it doesn’t get any more foundational than JavaScript — the language responsible for the dynamic, interactive elements you see on apps and websites. To get comfortable with this backbone of web development, dive into the Essential JavaScript Coding Bundle.

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Across 15 courses, you can go from complete web programming newbie to full-fledged practitioner of the online arts. Not only will you get schooled on the terms and processes that make up JavaScript, you’ll also learn how to apply them with a handful of advanced tools into slick, dynamic web applications.

Once you’ve learned how JavaScript functions, these courses take you deeper, showing you the tricks needed to create sleek, responsive apps and pages. You’ll dive into using AngularJS libraries, Ionic Hybrid Application Development, UnderscoreJS, and other tools, all in service of crafting web development projects on par with the pros’.

Start a new career as a web developer with the Essential JavaScript Coding Bundle, available for just $29 from TNW Deals.

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