Catch ‘em all with the LinearFlux PokeCharger Portable Battery (50% off)

PokeCharger Portable Battery

There are two truths that apply to all Pokémon Go players. One, you’re certain to wander into traffic chasing all those Pokémon. And two, your iPhone battery will get K.O.’d faster than a Charmander battling a Blastoise.

Give your Pokémon Go-playing device a boost with the LinearFlux PokeCharger Portable Battery.

This portable battery is now 50 percent off on TNW Deals, with free shipping to the continental US. included.

It’s simple enough: The PokeCharger powers your iPhone at double the speed of ordinary chargers, and features a tri-color LED battery gauge that indicates your phone’s charging progress. It also rocks a Lightning connector compatible with any iOS device.

But the best part is be the design: A red-and-white Pokémon-inspired color scheme that lets you stay on-theme while you’re hunting for the neighborhood Squirtle.

With the LinearFlux PokeCharger, you’ll be able to catch ‘em all into the night. Get it today for just $39.99 on TNW Deals.

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