Add 64GB to your MacBook with TarDisk drive expansion

Add 64GB to your MacBook with TarDisk drive expansion

Running out of space on your MacBook? Thanks to the TarDisk 64GB MacBook Drive Expansion, you can put an end to the frustration of deleting files to free up spare GBs.

For a limited time on TNW Deals, you can add 64GB of storage to your existing drive at 32 percent off, and avoid system sluggishness as well as that insufferable “startup disk almost full” notification.

TarDisk is made from an aluminum alloy, fitting snugly into your Mac’s SDXC port to give the storage boost you need. TarDisk‘s memory is incorporated into your Mac’s SSD for a single hybrid drive, with a single volume managed by OS X.

Fully compatible with TRIM and Time Machine for OS X, you’ll be able to access Apple Care for any TarDisk support needs.

The TarDisk’s 4k flash memory controllers provide stable and fast data access, while your files stay protected inside TarDisk’s UniBody aluminum enclosure, safe from heat and shock.

Give your MacBook Air the storage boost it craves. Pick up the TarDisk 64GB MacBook Drive Expansion for $99.99  on TNW Deals.

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