Create your first killer app, with the Mobile Designer Academy Bundle

Create your first killer app, with the Mobile Designer Academy Bundle

It takes considerable skill to create an app that is easy to use and good to look at. This bundle of courses gives you all the necessary knowledge to make it happen.

To design a truly intuitive interface, you need to know how your users think. Much of this five-course bundle concentrates on the basic principles of user experience. This includes tuition on creating mockups and prototypes, adjusting your designs to suit your target audience, and the use of iteration in the UI/UX workflow.

The technical side of design is also covered in some depth. There are plenty of tutorials on color theory and typography, plus content on designing navigation elements, logins, and entry fields. There is even a course dedicated to teaching you the Bootstrap framework, and how it can be used to create mobile-friendly websites.

All of these skills are reinforced by quizzes, and you are shown how to use your prototypes for real-world apps. If you are planning to go pro, the advice on freelancing will come in useful, too. The bundle amounts to 29 hours of content, and takes 92 percent off the price of the courses.

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