Master Linux with this great bundle of courses

Master Linux with this great bundle of courses

Master Linux quickly and efficiently with the next great courseware offer from TNW Deals. The Linux Learner Bundle puts you in command of the basics with 6 elite courses and 50+ hours of interactive learning content.

Included in the bundle:

  • Learn Linux in 5 Days – Linux crash course for beginners
  • Learning Ubuntu Linux Server – get your first Linux Ubuntu server running
  • UNIX & Linux Operating System Fundamentals – learn both systems from top to bototm
  • Learn to Run Linux Servers from Scratch Pt. 1 – become a certified pro Linux admin
  • Learn to Run Linux Servers Pt. 2 – advanced linux concepts & certification training
  • Pentester Certification Course – learn Pentesting with Linux and get certified by Igneus Technologies

If you’re short on time but eager to gain an understanding of the vital concepts and commands of Linux, the perfect solution has arrived. Learn to install database servers, master the file system layout of Linux systems and so much more as you conquer the fundamentals through the Linux Learner Bundle.

At TNW Deals the Linux Learner Bundle is just $49, an incredible 91 percent discount off the retail value of this comprehensive course content!

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