10 Mac apps worth $400 – but you name the price

10 Mac apps worth $400 – but you name the price

StackSocial has launched its latest Name Your Own Price Mac Bundle. This one, dubbed “The Summer Blockbuster,” features a few of our favorite apps like Fantastical, Flux, Gemini, and more. In full, it’s 10 Mac Apps worth $400, but you name the price.

For any price over $1, you can get Tangerine, DiscLabel, and SyncMate. Or, if you beat the average price, you’ll get all 10 apps. This includes Fantastical, a powerful calendar app for Mac, which is one of TNW’s essential Mac Apps. Also included are Flux 4 (a Dreamweaver competitor), and handy utility apps like Path Finder and Gemini.

This bundle has a few different angles to it. For example, if you land on the leaderboard at any time during the promotion, you will be entered to win a new 11-inch MacBook Air. In addition, 10% of your purchase price will be donated to a charity of your choosing (Child’s Play, World Wildlife Fund, Creative Commons).

Here’s a full list of the apps included:

  • Path Finder 6 ($40) – Access & Manage Your Files In A Flash
  • Fantastical ($20) – The Mac Calendar You’ll Actually Enjoy Using
  • Flux 4 ($125) – Powerful Mac Web Design Made Easy
  • Gemini ($10) – The Duplicate Finder – Mac App Store Best of 2012
  • Logoist ($20) – Develop Professional Quality Images With Easy
  • Tangerine! ($25) – Create Amazing Playlists For Any Situation Or Activity
  • DiscLabel ($40) – One Step To Professional-Looking Labels
  • Tunes Cleaner ($40) – Delete Duplicate Songs & Organize Your iTunes Library
  • MacX iPhone DVD Ripper ($40) – Rip Any DVD to your iPhone, iPad, or any Apple Device
  • SyncMate Expert 5 ($40) – Sync All Your Devices and Accounts To Your Mac

If you have any questions or just want to check out the bundle, head to StackSocial below:

➤ The Name Your Own Price Summer Blockbuster Mac Bundle

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