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This article was published on October 19, 2011

Yumety launches a social network for dreamers

Yumety launches a social network for dreamers

We share everything these days- where we go, what we eat and who we’re with. But if you’ve ever woken up in the morning either disturbed or inspired by your dreams and wanted to share them, where do you turn?

Although the site looks like it’s from the Geocities era, Yumety might be onto something. The new social network for dreamers launched this month and is still in beta mode. Yumety’s platform connects people based on their inner personality by analyzing member’s dreams. Members need only publish their dreams to find similar dreamers with whom they can build a relationship. While I’m not sure I need another social network to connect with people, even it is on a totally different level, I find it pretty fascinating to read others’ dreams on the “public dream page”.

The New York City startup is run by two developers who built the site at night after their day jobs. In a recent blog post, Yumety’s Debasish Bera wrote:

“No one cared about our inner feelings, our wishes or our dreams and that is why we started Yumety. This is what we are trying to do on Yumety- dream, wishes, desire, and moods analysis. When you drop your dream or daydream we will build a character graph for you and then find a similar people. Then you can read their dreams and decide if you think they are similar and then start talking to them.

And it’s not just your night dream, we care about each of your daydreams. Every time we are escaping from our current situation and imagining ourselves in doing something else – we are simply daydreaming. And we can group you with similar daydreamers where you can dream together”.

Watch the video below to learn more about Yumety’s mission.

Featured image: Shutterstock/Alex Hubenov