This article was published on November 27, 2018

You need a VPN? We got deals on five of ‘em

You need a VPN? We got deals on five of ‘em
TNW Deals
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TNW Deals

Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web. Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web.

You may not think you need a VPN. If you’re laboring under that assumption, we’d like to counter with this: You’re wrong.

If your IP isn’t masked by a VPN connection, there’s a good chance your Internet service provider is compiling information on you. Maybe it’s for security purposes, maybe it’s so they can sell marketing data on you to advertisers, maybe it’s just so they have it. But make no mistake — without VPN coverage, you’re being watched.

And that isn’t the only reason to enlist VPN protection for your web activities. We’ve compiled five of the best deals on top-notch VPN services happening right now, each with savings up to 95 percent off from TNW Deals.

1. Private Internet Access VPN: 3-Year Subscription – $33.33 (Orig. $166.80) with promo code ‘CMSAVE40

Speaking of pedigree, VPN service doesn’t come any more respected than Private Internet Access. Tom’s Guide says “Private Internet Access is still the VPN service to beat, with fast speeds, thousands of servers and cheap prices.” PIA protects your info with Powerful Blowfish CBC encryption, all with unlimited bandwidth so your browsing speed always remains lightning fast. TNW Deals has several PIA subscription options on sale now, including three years of service slashed all the way down to just under $3 a month.

 2. Windscribe VPN Lifetime Pro Subscription – $35.40 (Orig. $900.00) with promo code ‘CMSAVE40

Windscribe VPN

Say you’re traveling in the UK. Think you can just log into your US Netflix account and fire up a movie? Nope. Windscribe VPN access gets you around any censorship or content restrictions imposed by a foreign government, agency or business. Windscribe even has its own Netflix browser extension to help sidestep any geo-locking. Windscribe also distinguishes itself by allowing an unlimited number of devices on your account. You can enjoy protected service for life at the price many companies charge for a year: only $35.40 with the added promo code.

3. VPNSecure: Lifetime Subscription – $12.00 (Orig. $450.00) with promo code ‘CMSAVE40


Know how Google and Facebook always serve up ads for items you just looked at online? It’s because they’re tracking you. But with coverage from VPNSecure, you assure no prying eyes are ever following your web activities. And VPNSecure keep no traffic logs, meaning not even they know where you’ve been and what you’ve been doing. With access in nearly 50 nations, there’s always a safe login site ready to serve you. If you thought $24.99 for a lifetime VPNSecure subscription was a winning deal, then you’ll definitely approve of the additional $5 off, cutting your cost to a puny one-time $12.00 payment.

4. VPN Unlimited: Lifetime Subscription – $25.60 (Orig. $499.99) with promo code ‘CMSAVE40

VPN Protection

Downloading is a grey area. While there’s plenty out there available to be copied and saved legally, there’s also heaps of copyright protected material that isn’t ok. Either way, VPN Unlimited protects you in the event you make a potentially illegal mistake. In fact, VPN Unlimited features specific servers optimized just for any torrenting needs. You won’t do much better than the Top VPN of 2017 as chosen by Laptop Review and the trusted PC Mag. With the extra seasonal discount, you can score unlimited VPN Unlimited service forever for $25.60, virtually pennies per month.

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